My visit with Jennifer Hart

Last weekend I went to Lexington and visited my friend Jennifer Hart.  She is the maker of many things, but lately is getting some attention for her quilted pieces, most of which are portraits or erotic scenes taken from websites and then reconstructed through the medium of fabric.  Here are a couple of examples.  By the way, she makes these on a old Singer and not one of those fancy new computerized machines that you can program.  

Cats, Dogs and Horses!

Some new pics from recent shoots.  One with my friend's Weimaraner and Beagle in Lexington, KY and the other with three horses and dogs in Laurel County, KY.  Both were excellent and provided great experience, especially the shots of the horses of which I'm not that familiar.  Check them out!

Dylan the Weimaraner.


Laura and Dylan!

Abbey posing!

Now, on to the horses/dog/cat in Laurel County.  Possibly the most fun on any photo shoot was had on Memorial Day weekend.

One of the family cats!

Fancy the Beagle!  Being fancy!

Dale and Denoso.


Patch was a great model!

Patch and Rummy, together most of the time.

Rummy I believe.

It's a Wookie!

Just did a photo shoot with my friend's dog Griffon, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain Star Wars character!  With the help of a judicious amount of treats I was able to get wonderful shots.   

His personality was evident in every shot.

Profile with wet face.

With his companion Elly!